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Here at Kanix Solutions, we recognizes that technology and contact centers go hand in hand. Our ability to leverage the latest technologies combined with our experience allows us to provide the most effective and cutting-edge solutions. As it is with technology, our systems are constantly evolving and we are always striving to improve our products and develop better ways to serve our customers.

Analytics Engine

Our Analytics Engine provides historical reporting capabilities that are found in other reporting packages, such as call activity and agent performance. However, what sets it apart is the level of integration that is achieved in these reports. While traditional reporting packages are limited to providing only data directly related to the call such as ASA and AHT, our call activity reports area specifically customized to SLAs and mapped to ANI trends; our agent performance reports are linked to recordings and customer surveys. Put simply: we have a seamless, uninterupted view of how our company runs as a whole.

Call Center Suite

We’ve created a host of proprietary tools to manage our day-to-day operations. Our Call Monitor functions as our ACD front end and enables management to view realtime activity from every system in all of our call center facilities in one centralized web interface from anywhere with a secure internet connection. While similar to other reporting systems, the Call Monitor is unique in the industry in how it allows complete integration between our phone system, CRM, Messaging, and HR applications.

Contact Center Platform

Our contact center platform is a proprietary system developed in-house from the ground up in order to provide the most customizable and integrated support solutions for our customers. While many of the existing out-of-the-box platforms used by our competitors, and even some of our customers, already provided similar capabilities, we have yet to find a platform that offers as much unparallelled integration as well as the ability to grow with our clients.

The heart of our contact center platform is a full-featured IP PBX. It provides skillset and profiency-based call routing and fully scripted call flow ensuring that customers are directed to the agent most suited to their needs. The intelligent IVR extends our existing offerings with multi-language speech cabilities and polling of customer data from multiple database sources to minimize customer input. Combined with our proprietary real-time ACD and reporting engine, our platform provides a level of scalability and visibility that surpasses other platforms.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base was designed around the popular Wiki-based management system to organize all the information used for assisting end-users. Along with providing a familiar and intuitive interface for our agents, the built-in content management system allows us to quickly update any documents ensuring that the information presented is as up-to-date as possible; resulting in less mistakes and quicker problem resolution.

Quality Assurance

While it is common in call centers to record calls for quality assurance, our approach takes this one step further. We developed a system that fully integrates recordings into our analytics engine, ticketing system, and QA feedback. Clients can listen to call recordings by drilling down on their reports, ticket notes can have recordings attached for clarification, and agents can review previous calls stored in their employee file to improve their performance.

Web Based Chat

Kanix Solutions utilizes an enterprise instant messaging platform built on the XMPP/Jabber protocol to provide web-based chat services. The robust and open source platform allows us to fully customize the end-user experience. Our chat platform is also equipped with an intelligent queuing system which ensures that chats are directed to the most capable agents. The chat platform is built on a high-availability load balanced server cluster to ensure up time and reliability. Unlike some web based chat solutions, our customers can expect the same premier level of support that they receive when calling into our call center.
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